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Restaurant Primi Piatti

The mysterious story of family Primi

The roots of our family in Hvar go back more than 300 years. But where do we really come from?

There are two, very different stories about our family history..

Some people say, hundreds of years ago, a local nobleman had a secret child with a maid. She could not take care of the baby, so she put the little boy in a basket and left him in front of a church. The nuns discovered the baby and found a letter with him. ‘Primi ti’ said the letter; ‘Take the child’. They were very suprised but welcomed the child with open arms and called him Primi.

Other people know a different story. They say that family Primi came to Hvar in a ship from Italy. But only rich Italians came to the island at that time. And our family was poor, we didn’t own houses, vineyards or anything like that. So how was that possible?

Today, about 40 members of the Primi family live in Hvar. And our restaurant name? In our dialect, plates are called “pijati”, and in Italian “piatti”. ‘Primi Piatti’ means appetizers. So maybe it was meant to be to call our family restaurant Primi Piatti.

In the end, nobody really knows where we come from. But we know one thing for sure. Come eat at Primi Piatti, and you will understand our family motto: “Never been better!”

Restaurant Primi Piatti

The Concept

Welcome to our second home, our restaurant. Where delicious food, amazing drinks, a warm atmosphere and our huge love for life come together with a big smile. Let’s tell you some more about our concept..

The menu of restaurant Primi Piatti is a combination of traditional Mediterranean cuisine and the local delicacies of our grandparents that we are so proud of, with a modern twist.

Great food always starts with great ingredients. We get our products daily fresh from local fishermen, winegrowers and farmers from all over the island. We are passionate about food and life and we want to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience.

Did you know that Hvar is the island with the most hours of sunshine (average 2.800 hours of sunshine) in Croatia? We would love to welcome you here to enjoy our lovely island and restaurant!

Family Primi

The secret of

Our Kitchen

Our mission is to show you our love for food and suprise your taste buds. We proudly combine the culinairy secrets of our grandparents with the beauty of the Mediterranean kitchen. We serve only the freshest and best products that we get daily from local fishermen, farmers and winegrowers. Our amazing selection of local wines combines perfectly with our menu.

Did we already mention how proud we are of our beautiful island and its wonderful local products? During the winter, when the tourist season is over, we have all the time to take care of our family’s olive fields, pick fresh oregano, prepare homemade jams, bitter oranges, make liqours from fresh Mediterranean herbs and grappa. The Primi Piatti team work their magic with these beautiful homemade ingredients.

It’s our pleasure to welcome you and show you what our kitchen has to offer!

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Dear Guests,

We are officially closed after this beautiful and very busy season, we warmly hope that we have lived up to all your expectations! We would like to thank you for all of your amazing smiles, loving reviews and great enthousiasm.


Preparations for the new season have already begun, a lot of new challenges ahead. We are looking forward to officially opening again in 2024.

With love from Primi Piatti!